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Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador program provides you with a platform to share your message across the world, connect with other youth, create valuable friendships, and get the tools and network needed to amplify your message and build your mission.

Creating a Community

What You Will Get

The 2020 Ambassador Program

During the Ambassador program of 2020, we had people from 24 different countries, all passionate about different causes and coming from different backgrounds. Throughout the course of the program, they connected, learned from each other, and transcended the borders that divided them!

Time Commitment

There are 2 types of weekly group calls: topic calls and teaching calls!

TOPIC CALLS: Each month we, as a group, will choose a topic (such as climate change, gender equality, etc.) to discuss as a group! Topic calls will take up 2 of our 4 monthly calls as we will talk first about the topic as a whole and how it varies in each of our communities and then we will return 2 weeks later to talk about solutions for the topic!

TEACHING CALLS: Our teaching calls are all about learning from one another! Every ambassador will have the chance to teach all the other ambassadors about something they are passionate about! This is a great public speaking exercise and definitely gets you out of your comfort zone! Teaching calls will take up 2 of our meetings each month.

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Squad Calls

Each 2 weeks you will be assigned a new ‘Squad Partner’ whom you will meet up with once outside of our weekly group calls!

PURPOSE OF SQUAD CALLS: The purpose of the squad calls is for you to get to know as many of the AWESOME ambassadors in this program as possible! The calls will help you to create beautiful friendships and get to know one another more in-depth!

You may realize you have lots in common with your squad partner or you may not — that is the beauty of the diversity of this group!

Our Calls

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Submit your application for our 2022 Ambassador Program today!

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