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About Us

"Look how far we've come! To think this all started in a cafe in a small seaside town in Croatia. Now, only two years later, we're in 1 out of 8 countries."


We are a global youth empowerment organization spanning across 5 continents

The world’s biggest problems won’t be solved by one big global solution, they'll be solved by one thousand local solutions


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Young leaders on a mission to empower and connect global youth to make a difference in the world today

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If something is affecting humanity, well, aren't *I* a part of that? Isn't my community a part of that too? The question then becomes "How can I solve my CORNER of the world's greatest problems?" Once we all start doing that, suddenly these big scary "global" problems will be solved.
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Our Values


Love is greeting everyone you know with a hug. It's acceptance regardless of flaws. It's going out of your way to have quality time with each and every person you care about. 


Unity is coming together. It's celebrating the holidays you know and love with the ones you don't know with the people you care about. It's standing together through good times and bad. 


Responsibility is taking ownership over what you care about. It's not hiding our struggles. It's seeing a problem and wondering "How can *I* contribute to the solution today?" 

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Our Story

HumanityUp was founded in a small cafe in a small town in the north of Croatia. We were a group of friends, some new, some old, who had met over the years on each other’s travels. On this day, we were all in the same town for a few weeks. Something great was bound to happen.

The conversation drifted toward our dreams. Some of us wanted to become artists. Others wanted to travel the globe every day of the year. Some wanted to be writers. Others of us wanted to be leaders of countries. We all wanted to be incredible in something and change the world. And sitting there in that cafe, we were all supporting each other too, giving each other advice and offering up ideas.

Then we began to wonder. We were a group of aspiring leaders — authors, innovators, presidents. We we born as pretty normal people, but our support for each other was helping us get so much closer to our goals. What if more people could have that opportunity? What if more people could have friends around the world helping them, supporting them, and inspiring them?

What if the leaders of tomorrow met today?


Sitting there in that cafe, HumanityUp was born. By lunch, we’d outline the organization’s values and goals. By the end of the week, we’d come together and were ready for launch. We called a few friends, and that Friday we walked onto the stage at an international conference and launched the company to an audience of over 1,000 people.

We’re now on our second year of students. Graduates from our first year have gone on to start nonprofits, found companies, and some have even met world leaders. Our second program is on track to be just as good. And our third program? Keep an eye out for 2022, with a completely revamped program for ambassadors, but also a new line of community-accessible material for our many fans.

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